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Welcome to Wiggle School

  Current Group Classes 

Please call for more information on any class or to enroll!

*Classes are non-refundable

Class Instructor: Rae Lombardo, CTA, CGC Certified 

Puppy playgroup mediator: Rae Lombardo & Caitlin Hebert


AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Elementary

Ages 9wks-7mo

Cost: $165 + tax

6 weeks, 1 hour

March 28th- May 2nd

Thursdays at 6:15pm

1/5 Spots available


     Start you and your puppy’s relationship off on the right paw! The AKC S.T.A.R Puppy course is a 6 week course that lays the groundwork for a well trained and well socialized puppy. It is a perfect starter class and will provide a solid foundation to be a future Canine Good Citizen Graduate. The AKC S.T.A.R Puppy class works on 20 key training, owning, and handling concepts which are all positive training based. It is an excellent basic obedience class that helps solidify a healthy relationship between puppy and owner. Homework emails are provided weekly for your reference and continued support. 
No orientation for this class. 
No make-up classes. 
No prior training needed for this class.


Middle School 101

Ages 7mo and up

Cost: $185 + tax

6 weeks, 1 hour

April 15th - May 20th

Monday nights at 6:15

5/5 Spots Available



Middle School is basic obedience for your pre-teen! This class is a great stepping stone for pups that need a little extra between our Preschool class and High School 101, or as a first time class with no previous training. Homework emails are provided weekly for your reference and continued support. 

6 classes, 8 skill sets, 6 behaviors, foundations for adult CGC program.

Is this class for you? This class is not suitable for fearful dogs, or dogs with aggressive or reactive issues towards other dogs or people. It is ideal for dogs and puppies 7-18mo with little to no training but otherwise friendly personalities Dogs older than 18mo are welcome to sign up as well, this class is also a perfect refresher course! This class is a great class to take after AKC S.T.A.R Puppy or to prepare for the High School CGC Prep. 

Adolecent Class Skill Sets: 

Focus, Impulse Control, Auto-sit, Relax on mat, Leave it, Recall, Touch, Loose Leash

*all behaviors are taught using more distractions and adding duration to build on what they already know, while adding new techniques and skills. 





Grooming & Handling


 Next class TBD

In this class, we cover all aspects of at-home body handling and grooming. The Grooming & Handling Class is designed for dogs who are not comfortable with being handled, or groomed, as well as those looking to desensitize their new puppy to handling and grooming. Three (1) hour long weekly sessions. During class, we will cover the correct tools to use for your dog's coat, and how to use them properly. We focus on teaching techniques using gentle-firmness, working at your dog's pace, and pairing good associations with body handling/grooming. Using these methods your dog will learn to not only accept grooming, but enjoy and consent to it! Along with covering handling and grooming training, each class has time put aside to concentrate on your dog’s specific areas that are sensitive or more challenging.

If your dog shows more aggressive behaviors toward grooming and handling please call to discuss prior to sign up.

Desensitization to:

Body Handling


Nail Clippers/ Dremel

Ear Cleaning

Teeth Brushing

Grooming Table

Grooming Tub

NEW! High School

AKC Canine Good Citizen "CGC" Class

Ages: 10mo+

Cost: $225 +tax

Please contact us directly for our next winter class dates! 


     The High School "CGC" Class is the next step in your dogs training journey. It is designed to help you and your dog prepare for the CGC test. All of the skills you have learned up to now will culminate in the is class and will master the 10 CGC skills that instill confidence and good manners in, and outside, of your home.  Receiving the Canine Good Citizen certificate is an important accomplishment! Many graduates will expand their training and go on to be therapy and support dogs.

     This class is not suitable for fearful dogs, or dogs with aggressive issues towards other dogs or people. This is a class for dogs and owners who have completed basic levels of training. This class is not for dog students who do not have intermediate obedience mastered. If you are unsure if your dog is ready for this class please give us a call to ask! We also have Middle School 101 for those not quite ready for this level.

No orientation for this class. No make-up classes


Completion of basic obedience within the past year. 

Rabies and distemper vaccines. 

(Bordetella and a negative fecal test are highly recommended) 


 NEW! Canine Good Citizen "CGC" Test

 * Variable times and dates: Call or email to schedule your test!

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