Monday-Friday: 7am-6pm


Daycare drop off times are between 7am and 9:30am 

Morning half days are picked up at 12:30pm.


Full day dogs must be picked up by 6pm. Any pickup after 1pm will be considered a full day.


We close promptly at 6pm

Saturday- Training classes only

Sunday- CLOSED


Reservations are REQUIRED. 


**We do not offer afternoon half days. We have found that this time frame not only interrupts with afternoon naps, which are essential to avoid cranky pups, but the dog will get much more play in the morning when everyone is loaded up with energy!


Birthday Parties

Is your dogs birthday coming up? Let The Wiggle Room host a party for you while they attend daycare! Your dog will take a quick break from daycare to enjoy their very own personalized birthday cake! They will be the center of attention while they pose for their birthday photo shoot, complete with a doggie party hat!


 After the party we will cut the cake send some home with the birthday dog with a present, of course! All daycare attendees will do home with a little treat too! Call for price and availability!

Birthday Party Form


*parties must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance and are available for daycare clients only 

*If you would like to purchase a cake to take home please email for pricing. Availability limited.



*this service is currently limited due to Covid-19*


 The Wiggle Room offers transportation services! We know that days can get hectic, so we're happy to be able to help. Whether it's picking your dog up in the morning or dropping them home in the afternoon or evening we will ease that stress so you can know your dog is happy, tired, and safe in their own bed.


 Transportation service is currently only available within a

3 mile radius of The Wiggle Room Monday-Friday. There is no extra charge if you would like us to feed your dog dinner upon getting home as well! 


  If you would like to take advantage of our transportation service please submit a signed transportation waiver. Reservations must be made the day before to guarantee the transport. Space limited.

Transportation is NOT available on weekends or holidays.

Pick-up/drop-off times TBD by driver at the time of your reservation.

$13 One Way

$24 Round Trip

Transportation Waiver Form


Enrollment Forms


Please submit the online form below and send in a copy of the vaccine and fecal results to info@thewiggleroomri.com. Your vet can also send this to The Wiggle Room directly.

Once all of this information is on file we can discuss setting up the temperament test!