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~Only natural products are used~

~Prices do not include 7% RI Sales Tax~

~Please see below for groom forms ~





Full Service Groom

Shampoo, conditioner, blueberry facial, light ear cleaning,

pedicure, hand dry, brush, full cut to owners specifications

(if applicable) 

If you would like an estimated quote please call

We will not be able to fully assess what the groom will cost

until we can see and feel the condition of your dogs coat and until we are

familiar with their overall behavior during groomingAdditional charges for

matting, extended brush outs, and special handling will apply. Due to

the small size our our salon The Wiggle Room cannot accommodate dogs

that are human aggressive, dog aggressive, or overly difficult.  

Puppy Groom

Shampoo, conditioner if needed, hand dry, brush, pedicure, 

sanitary trim if applicable. 

*Puppies should have their first groom between 12-16wks old. For the first

groom your groomer will go very slow, taking their time to get your puppy

used to the grooming process. A haircut is not recommended for the first

groom. Your groomer will discuss with you when your puppy should get it's

first haircut based on the changing coat, which will begin to change anytime

between 5mo-10mo old. Price based on size and age. 

A La Carte

Can be added to any grooming package, or as a standalone service

*Denotes services that must be combined with bath.

De-Shedding FURminator Shampoo- $10-20*

Nose Treatment- $5

Great for dry, cracked snoots, or as a feel good extra!

Deep Ear Cleaning- $15

Using vet recommended TrizUltra Cleaner

Nail Trim with Buff- $22

Paw Pad Hair Trimming- $15

Pedicure with Paw Trimming- $30-35

Dental Check- Free upon request

The Wiggle Room does not offer teeth brushing. A dog must have it's teeth brushed once a day in order for the benefits to be apparent. Having your dogs teeth brushed while only at the groomer will not help prevent tartar or plaque build-up. We will gladly check your dogs teeth and note if there is any significant dental issues, however you must see your vet for a professional medical opinion. If you care concerned about your dogs teeth please see your vet as soon as possible. Dental disease can become a serious problem.

Additional De-matting- TBD*

If your dog is matted there will be an additional charge. 


 Grooming is done by appointment only.

Our groomer will give you an estimated time that your dog will be done and

we will call 15-20 before they are finished. We do not hold pets for the day.

You must be available to come pick up your pet within a reasonable

time after the groom is finished. Leaving your dog here

for a long period of time will result in a day boarding fee. 


The Wiggle Room will not de-mat a dog if it is not humane to do so,

coats that are matted may require a full shave.

Regularly grooming and brushing your dog will help prevent a matted coat.



Grooming FAQS

**If your dog has been coughing please do not bring them in the building. You must wait until your dog has been cough-free for at least 7 days before any grooming appointment.

**You do not have to be enrolled in the daycare program to make a grooming appointment.

**Dogs who have fleas MUST have their flea issue treated and resolved prior to booking.

**We do not offer de-skunking treatments. Please let us know if your dog has come in contact with a skunk in the last 2wks.

**We do not require the Bordetella aka Kennel Cough vaccine or Distemper for groom dogs, but it is highly recommended. 

**We do not take dogs who are aggressive or overly difficult during the grooming process. 

**We do not use cage dryers.

**Grooming is by appointment only, call to schedule your appointment today!

All dogs must show proof of rabies vaccination and sign grooming form 

prior to grooming appointments.

Please call to book your appointment!

If your dog is matted in any areas the groomer may have you sign an additional matting form.

Grooming Matting Release

Henry was super happy to get his summer

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