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Monday- Friday

7:00am to 6:00pm

Daycare drop off is only between 7am-9:30am

Half Day pick up is 12:30pm

We do not offer afternoon half days

Saturday & Sunday


Closed the following Holidays:

New Years Day 1/1/2024

Martin Luther King Jr Day 1/15/24

Memorial Day 5/27/24

Independence Day 7/4/24 & 7/5/24

Labor Day 9/2/24

Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day 10/17/24

Thanksgiving Break 11/28/24 & 11/29/24

Christmas Break 12/25/24-12/27/24

The Wiggle Room will close for severe inclement weather. Please call or text us if weather conditions seem dangerous. 


Scheduled Evaluation: Free 10am-12pm trial

Sign up HERE!

Full Day: $39.00

Half Day: $29.00


Full Day Packages 

Buy 10 full days get 5% off: $370.00

Buy 15 full days get 10% off: $526.00

Buy 20 full days and get 15% off: 663.00

Half Day Packages

Buy 10 Half days get 5% off: $275.00

Buy 15 Half days get 10% off: $391.000

Buy 20 Half Days get 15% off: $493.00

*Please add 7% sales tax to all rates​

(As of Oct. 1st, 2012 we are legally required to charge

7% sales tax on all services per RI laws)


**Packages are non-refundable**Non-transferable or interchangable**Same family dogs ARE allowed to share**


Puzzles, Lick Mats, and more! Add on a special treat to your pups daycare day. Each enrichment activity comes with special one on one staff attention for 10-15 minutes. 

Puzzle Game: $5

Let your dog work their brain!

Lick Mat: $5

A great mental stimulation filled with peanut butter

Pup Cup: $3

A sweet treat wind down

Buy any 5 and get a free Pup Cup!


Birthday Parties

let your dog celebrate at their favorite place

Is your dog's birthday coming up? Let The Wiggle Room host a party for you while they attend daycare! Your dog will take a quick break from play group to enjoy their very own personalized birthday cake! They will be the center of attention while they pose for their birthday photo shoot, complete with a doggie party hat!


 After destroying the cake the birthday your dog gets to pick out a toy to take home. They will be sent home with a piece of cake, toy, card, and hat. A Facebook party album with 40+ photos will  uploaded, along with an Instagram shout out. Call or email for availability!


Birthday Parties are available for daycare dogs only. 

$65+ tax

Call for availability


Daycare FAQs

How do I enroll my dog and what are the requirements?

What is the Temperament Evaluation and does my dog need one? 

I'm visiting the area, can I drop off my dog? 

 A completed Enrollment Form must be submitted  along with a copy of the necessary vaccine and fecal information. After all the paperwork is on file we can schedule your dog in for the Temperament Evaluation. Once we have completed the Temperament Evaluation, and your dog does well, they are officially a pack member! 


 All dogs who attend the Wiggle Room must be current on their Rabies, Dhlpp (Distemper and Lepto) and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccines, and have proof of a negative fecal test within the past year, which includes a negative Giardia test and Giardia ELISA test. Puppies can attend once their vaccine series is complete, usually by 16 weeks. Pack members must be spayed or neutered if older than 6 months. 

 Additionally, our criteria is that dogs must be friendly with other dogs and with people. It is important to note that not all dogs all suitable for daycare - some dogs are too shy, other dogs can become overstimulated, or don't play well when in large groups. This is the reason we evaluate all dogs that attend daycare first before accepting them as regular clients, and we continue to monitor their behavior as they get older. Please keep in mind that some dogs, as they mature, grow more selective with their friends or have play styles that change. Some dogs can grow out of daycare for one reason or another, and some otherwise social dogs do not do well in daycare. This is not bad. It is a normal part of a dog's growing up. Most of our daycare dogs are between the ages of 4 months and 2 years of age. This is the most active period of time in a dog's life. There is no definite age cut off - as long as your dog is still having fun he or she is welcome to keep coming and playing!

 All dogs at the Wiggle Room are temperament tested, regardless of age, breed, or previous doggie daycare/social experience. The temperament test is essentially an assessment for a new dog's potential for inappropriate or aggressive behavior, while determining the current level of social development, to ensure that it can play well without posing a danger to itself or others, including staff. The test generally takes a few hours and is conducted in the morning after all regular daycare check-ins are settled in.

 Once all enrollment information is submitted we can schedule the temperament test. We will have you drop off at 10am and pick up at 12pm. The temperament test is free of charge. During this time we will look for any signs of overstimulation, anxiety, or stress that could indicate the Wiggle Room is not a happy environment for your dog. It can sometimes be overwhelming and we want all experiences here to be positive!

 Not all dogs are able to enroll at The Wiggle Room. Possible reasons that we may decline to accept a dog for enrollment include:

  • aggression or fear toward other dogs

  • aggression or fear toward staff

  • anxiety or fear that keep the dog from being able to relax and play safely with other dogs

  • or excessive mounting, fixating, barking, or bullying other dogs

  • excessive marking

  • any play style that may be deemed unsafe in a large group environment (excessive zoomies, neck grabbing, pinning etc)

 If your dog has behavior issues that need addressing before being enrolled at The Wiggle Room, we can refer you to excellent dog trainers and behaviorists in the area.

NOTE: daycare is a high energy environment that many dogs find overwhelming even if they are otherwise social and even if they have attended other daycares. Our primary goal is to make sure all dogs are happy, and that may mean not coming to daycare!

 The Wiggle Room does not accept visiting pups. The stress from the travel, being in a new environment and trying to acclimate to a new pack for a short time has proven in the past to be very overwhelming for even the most social dogs. It can also be stressful on the established pack when the new dog does not work out. We have excellent pet sitting references that may be able to accommodate your schedule.


 However, if you will be visiting the area for a long term stay we can discuss temporary pack membership! Give us a call and we can see if we can accommodate you.

Are the dogs separated by size? 

 Yes! We have a Small Wiggles room and a Big Wiggles room. Both areas have their own indoor and outdoor play yards so they can go in and out as they please.

Are there any requirements for my dog once they are enrolled? 

Yes, once your dog has passed the evaluation they will be required to attend at least one half day within the next two weeks following their temperament test. After that we require all dogs to attend at least two half days per month to remain an ACTIVE member of the pack. If more time lapses we may require another temperament evaluation, or other restrictions to reacclimate your dog, such as an early drop off or half day.. 

Most of our pack members attend 1-3x per week, but some come play everyday! 

Dog behavior is always evolving, so while your dog may love daycare one month, after a month or more absent they may find it overwhelming. Since we do not crate or make small groups we have to make sure everyone is comfortable here.

What services does the Wiggle Room offer? 

The Wiggle Room offers the following services: 

-Weekly daycare, full days and half day (mornings only). 

-Enrichment activity add-on's to daycare, lick mats, puzzle toys, and pup cups! 

-Training classes

-Full service grooming salon

*We do not offer boarding or weekend/holiday hours. 

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