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Why use doggie daycare?


  • Exercise! We can guarantee that 4-8 hours of playing with a bunch of canine friends will tire your pup out more than walks, dog park visits, or even runs

  • Socialization. It's very important to socialize your dog starting at a young age, 4-6mo old.

  • Separation anxiety. While some dogs can't relax due to anxiety, it can help many who can't be crated or left alone at home.

  • Training. A tired dog is much easier to train than a distractible dog full of energy. 

  • You're working long hours and can't get home to let them out. 

  • It's snowing, raining, too hot, or too cold outside!

  • Beach day! Leave your pup with us and go enjoy the beach or other fun activities!

  • You have an evening commitment and don't have time for a walk.


The list goes on!


Our recently expanded grooming salon can accommodate all of your dogs grooming needs no matter what breed! Our grooming is by appointment only. Call now for details!
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